Mc Labor Sources, Inc. covers all the bases when it comes to aquiring new employees. Since 1988 Mc Labor Sources, Inc. has been providing a skilled and professional work force on a temporary basis to all sectors. We are located in Needham Massachusetts and our employment services cover the greater Boston area, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Our focus is on trade & skilled labor employment. Submit your resume if you are looking for a labor job or contact us if you are seeking professional workers for your company or job.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

We have hundreds of satisfied clients

"Shawnlee has used the services of McLabor since 2010 and we have been very happy and impressed with these services.  I have asked Ryan to send me an experienced carpenter or someone with little to no experience and each time he has hit the experience level on the head.  Getting manpower to subsidize our jobs has never been a problem.  I plan on using McLabor’s services whenever additional manpower is needed." -Bruce A. Alexander

"We have used McLabor Sources for numerous years; the office staff is easy to deal with and is flexible with accommodating to our work schedule and our last minute requests for their labor services. Their labor service employees are skilled and professional, and work to our benefit when needing temporary help." -Cheryl

"I have been personally dealing with Ray McVeigh of McLabor Staffing for 29 years. Most recently my dealings have been with Ryan O'Neill. I must say that McLabor is very attentive to our needs and provides skilled workers with good work ethics. Any problems that have ever come up were handles most expeditiously and professionally. Their mantra is "The customer is always right." Very good relationship. Highly recommend to anyone." -David H Street

“We have worked with Mc Labor Sources for over 10 years.  The relationship is built on trust, good communication, and a solid understanding of the positions which we desire to fill.  Mc Labor Sources  has been very responsive and partnered with us to place appropriate people, will great skills for both short and long term commitments.  They understand our industry and strive to place Electricians that will enhance both our team and the candidates’ ability.  They are an excellent resource for our staffing needs!” -Rob Hirshom