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Mc Labor Sources, Inc.

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providing a skilled and professional work force on a temporary basis to all sectors.

What is the advantage of using temporary employees from Mc Labor Sources, Inc. instead of hiring on our own?

With Mc Labor Sources, Inc. you can adjust your staff size on a daily basis to meet your needs. Not only will you operate more efficiently, you’ll never have to worry about collecting tax or filing employment forms because we handle it all for you. You can concentrate on running your business while we take care of all the paperwork.

What is the advantage of using Mc Labor Sources, Inc. permanent placement services?

Time saver - although the market is currently saturated with qualified candidates; the time needed to review and accurately assess resumes, qualifications, etc. can be excessive and completely overwhelming.  With reduced staff sizes, it seems there is not enough time in each day to handle recruiting in addition to other daily tasks, deadlines, etc.

Cost effective – there is not a price tag that can be put on the significant amount of time that companies save when using a qualified agency for staffing solutions. Current promotional rates at Mc Labor Sources, Inc. are a great opportunity to find quality talent at a reduced fee.

Superior service – we emphasize QUALITY not quantity.  Exceptional customer service and solid relationships with our clients and candidates are of critical importance.  Once you hire one of our candidates on a permanent basis, the communication continues on a regular basis to ensure and guarantee the right match has been made. We keep in touch with clients and candidates alike.

How will I be charged regarding temporary employees?

We will charge you a flat hourly rate for each worker that you use depending upon skills, education, certifications, etc. required.  All other expenses will be paid by us. i.e. Payroll Taxes (FICA, FUTA, SUTA) Workers Compensation Ins., Unemployment Ins. Employee Benefits etc.

What is the standard permanent placement fee?

Our standard fee is 20-25% of the employees’ first years’ salary.  We are currently offering a new division introductory rate of 15% fee across the board on all permanent placements regardless of level.

How long am I required to keep a temporary employee?

Our minimum order is for (8) hours per employee per day. There are no limits on how long you can keep them. Many of our accounts have kept our workers on their jobs for several months and even years! We do suggest that workers are kept for jobs 40 hours or more to get the full value of our service. Like any employee, it usually takes more than their first day on the job to demonstrate and prove their real skills and abilities.

What if I don’t like the temporary worker you sent?

For any reason you do not feel the worker we sent to you is up to your expectations, just inform us and we will replace that worker within a timely manner.

What is your guarantee policy on permanent placements?

If employee terminates…

Within the first 30 days of employment                          100% refund

Between 30 and 60 days of employment                          60% refund

Between 60 and 90 days of employment                          30% refund

Can I hire your temporary employees directly?

In order for us to maintain a highly skilled dependable workforce it is important for us to retain our employees, for this reason we do not allow our customers to hire our employees.

What are the payment terms for temporary employees?

Our standard credit terms are payment upon receipt of our invoice. At the end of each week, you or your appointed job foreman will verify all hours worked by our workers by signing their time sheet. This approved time sheet will be the authorized document that we use to bill you. Please be careful and make sure the hours are accurate.  Invoices are typically emailed to our clients.

What are the payment terms for permanent employees? 

50% of the fee is due upon the new employees’ startate and the remaining 50% is due after 30 days.